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Is your garden in Southampton on the narrow side? While an outside space of any kind is an asset, making the most of tighter dimensions isn’t always easy. The task of creating a sense of more width, but while still optimising beauty and functionality, is tricky. As a time-served landscaping company, Paul Collier Creative Gardening can help you to unlock your narrow garden’s potential.

We install new driveways, lay garden paving and patios and erect garden fencing. We also undertake a wide range of garden maintenance contracts, keeping outside spaces looking their best year-round.

Having transformed gardens of every type and size, we have a proven track record in delivering stunning results. Below, however, we focus on how our team makes the most of long, narrow spaces.

Inspiration for Your Narrow Garden

Create Sound with a Water Feature

Long, narrow gardens are often neighboured by spaces of identical size on both sides. As such, sounds from neighbours can become intrusive, making your space feel even more boxed in.

Installing a water feature creates a soft, soothing noise that counteracts sounds coming from neighbouring properties. The connection to nature, in tandem with other design aspects, will also help to create a sense of more space.

Our Southampton-based landscaping company also recommends water features for many other reasons. They have a unique sophistication, sensory benefits and create shimmering light. When paired with complementary garden paving and garden fencing, your water feature will become a focal point of your landscaped space.

Plant a Sensory Space

Of course, most gardens provide a sensory experience to varying extents. While creating a sensory environment, and using our garden maintenance service to sustain it, may not increase functionality like a new driveway or patio, it can still improve your quality of life. With a long, narrow space, you have the potential to stimulate all 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

In a confined space, scented plants fill the air with a beautiful fragrance. Hanging baskets add splashes of colour and tactile plants are enticing to touch. Herb-edged pathways also provide ingredients for family meals too.

Put simply, the more inviting, engaging and pleasant a space your garden is, the more time you will want to spend in it.

Draw Up ‘Zones’

Your long and narrow garden in Southampton is perfect for creating designated zones, each with a specific use. By breaking up your space, you improve its functionality, but without any compromise in aesthetics. This approach also makes garden maintenance more manageable too.

Popular options for individual zones include a lounge area in a sun trap, be it for sunbathing or simply feeling the warmth and absorbing some vitamin D. Installing a patio designed for entertaining makes the perfect spot for barbecuing and drinks. You can have another hidden corner for quiet cups of tea and coffee while reading a newspaper or book. A children’s play area is ideal too, as it moves noise away from the house.

From garden paving to lawns, and garden fencing to climbing plants, there are multiple inventive ways to separate your zones, all of which our landscaping company can integrate and tailor for a bespoke solution.

Don’t Install a Dark Fence

If the garden at your Southampton property is long and narrow, the fence bordering it will be especially dominant to the eye. On the most basic level, then, it’s important to avoid darker hues for a boundary marker as they create an overbearing barrier.

Smaller gardens typically have shading issues too. Dark garden fencing will only swallow up the natural light, making the space feel even more confined and boxed in. A better solution in this regard is to create shade with vertical plants growing up trellises. This not only produces shade, but also acts as a feature of interest that requires minimal garden maintenance.

Generally speaking, our landscaping company recommends applying the same rule for darker colours to other dominant aspects like garden paving. Due to their position in the front garden, new driveways tend to have more flexibility.

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