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Is your garden in Winchester ready for a harsh winter? Your outside space is alive and changeable, so it requires dedicated care and attention to ensure it’s in the best possible state come the following spring. As a highly skilled, experienced landscaping company, Paul Collier Creative Gardening is adept at creating and maintaining stunning gardens. We lay garden paving and patios, install new driveways and erect garden fencing to your tastes and requirements. Our garden maintenance services keep your space looking its best.

While winter preparation is important for any garden, it’s especially so for those with recently planted trees and greenery. This is because young plants are still developing, growing their roots and becoming accustomed to the soil. Sudden changes in the weather can cause stress and even failure.

The best time to prepare your garden for winter is late autumn, around the time the temperatures start to fall – but long before frosts and snow.

Your space surrounding your Winchester home will likely look quite dull at this time of year, but there’s plenty to do when it comes to garden maintenance.

Winter Preparation Tips

Clear Deceased Plants

Removing unhealthy or withered plants from your garden is an absolute must. If you ignore this step, you may find rotting plants attract disease and fungi, not to mention accompanying pests. Depending on the location, this could also cause issues for your garden fencing too.

A proactive approach to monitoring plant health ensures your garden stays healthy in the months you’re less likely to spend time in it. By acting fast, you can enjoy only healthy new growth come the spring.

As your landscaping company, we can advise which plants spread diseases as part of your garden maintenance service. This means the cleaning-up process only removes species that can spread disease and fungi. Others that simply breakdown naturally can stay as they enrich the soil with nutrients, protect it against damage and decrease erosion.

Clean Surfaces

If you have a new driveway, long-standing garden paving or any other hardscaped surface, you should clean it before the worst of the winter weather arrives. If your garden in Winchester receives a large amount of fallen leaves and twigs over autumn, remove them before they turn into mush.

Dry leaves are easier (and more pleasant) to dispose of. The longer you leave them, the more likely leaves are to stain your surface. If leaves break down and then freeze, your patio or driveway becomes slippery and dangerous. The freeze-thaw cycles could also cause chips and scratches on the surface too.

For garden fencing, there’s not much you can or should do at this time of year. The best moment to maintain your fence is during spring and summer, when the weather is warm and dry.

You should also focus on one of the most important aspects of garden maintenance: weeding. While they may stop growing, or even die off, weeds are still very much in situ. Applying carefully chosen weedkiller in autumn could help to see them off over winter.


Unlike the more celebrated features our landscaping company installs, like garden paving, new driveways and garden fencing, mulch is an underrated aspect of a successful, healthy garden. This simple material:

• Regulates soil temperature
• Decreases soil erosion
• Reduces water loss
• Suppresses weed growth
• Regulates soil moisture levels
• Makes seasonal changes less harsh

If your garden mulch is looking a little thin, autumn is a great time to top it up. By doing so, you extend the life of the healthy plants around your Winchester home throughout the cold and frosty season, giving them the perfect platform to thrive when the weather warms up again.

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