Garden Maintenance in Romsey, Eastleigh and the Surrounding Hampshire Areas

Have you recently put time, money and effort into creating a beautiful, landscaped space at your property? Or are you preparing to do so in the coming months? While landscaping projects deliver an immediate improvement in the aesthetics of an outside space, they are also changeable environments. The turf, shrubs, plants and trees grow. Hardscaping features like garden paving receives regular foot traffic and bears the weight of heavy furniture. Garden fencing stands up against blustery winds.

To retain an attractive appearance year-round, garden maintenance is essential. As a time-served landscaping company, Paul Collier Creative Gardening provides bespoke solutions in Southampton, Eastleigh, Romsey, Winchester and throughout Hampshire.

Garden Maintenance Tailored to You

No two gardens are the same, so you can rest assured, we treat yours as a unique space with individual needs. Our team shares over 45 years of industry experience, so there’s no requirement we can’t cater to. We excel in creating stunning landscaped gardens, but we’re equally adept at keeping them that way.

Our full range of maintenance services includes:

  • Contracted Garden Maintenance
  • Overgrown Jungle Clearances
  • One-Off Site Clearances
  • Seeding and Planting
  • Grass Cutting
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Weeding
  • Lawn Care
  • Pruning
  • Pressure Washing

Our landscaping company specialises in creating simple, low-maintenance gardens from the outset. As such, if you want to keep long-term costs low, we can draw up a design that requires minimal care and attention over the years.

From installing a new driveway to keeping a perfect lawn, and garden fencing repairs to cutting back a hedge with species-specific methods, Paul Collier Creative Gardening offers the complete landscaping package.

Call us on 07970 548763 to talk over your needs. We happily visit locations in Southampton, Eastleigh, Romsey, Winchester and the wider Hampshire area.


The Benefits of Our Garden Maintenance Services

When you choose our team to maintain your garden, you open the door to an array of benefits. Chief among these are:

  • Saved Time – Do you have a busy lifestyle that makes nurturing your garden all but impossible? By leaving your maintenance needs with us, you free up a large chunk of your schedule, allowing you to spend what free time you do have enjoying your garden, not working in it
  • No More Exhausting Work – Gardening may have a pleasant reputation, but it also involves hours spent on your feet, on your knees or crouching. You might also use cutters, saws, axes and other heavy equipment. Avoid exhausting work; leave it with our experienced professionals
  • Professional Standards – There are many reasons to invest in a landscaped garden. Achieving outstanding levels of workmanship is likely one of the most appealing. With our knowledge of soil, turf and plants, we retain the original aesthetics, ensuring a great return on your initial investment
  • A Flexible Schedule – Much like all the services we provide as a Southampton-based landscaping company, we undertake garden maintenance at a time convenient with you. Because we attend to your outside space when you want us to, you have even more control over your time
  • Higher Property Value – Whether you’re in Eastleigh, Romsey, Winchester or any other location in Hampshire, a well-maintained landscaped garden holds huge appeal with prospective house buyers. By creating and maintaining a beautiful garden, you can increase your home’s market value
  • Control Weed Growth – All outside spaces, whether landscaped or not, are susceptible to weed invasions. Effective maintenance removes these unsightly growths as and when they appear. Our team can also identify dangerous invasive species that could become a significant problem

Call 07970 548763 to take the first step toward your own scheduled garden maintenance in Eastleigh, Romsey or any other Hampshire location.