New Driveway in Romsey | Garden Fencing and Paving | Key Considerations for a Landscaped Garden

Are you ready to finally turn your dream garden into a stunning reality? If you want our landscaping company to completely overhaul your outside space, it’s likely that you already have some ideas of what you’d like to achieve on an aesthetic and functional level. You may even have a full design all but drawn up. Of course, you could also be starting from scratch. No matter which point of the planning process you’re at, there’s never a bad time to find some extra inspiration.

Garden paving, new driveways and garden fencing – Paul Collier Creative Gardening provides a full range of landscaping services in Romsey. We also fulfil garden maintenance contracts too. As such, you can rely on us to deliver your project and then uphold the attractive results we achieve.

With more than 45 years of shared experience, our team has completed garden transformations of every type, size and complexity multiple times. Naturally, every garden is different, but we have looked below at some key elements that make up a striking, long-lasting design.

Important Aspects of Landscape Design

Get Your Lawn Right

If your dream garden has a lawn at its heart, it’s vital to get it right. Unless you opt for a significant increase in garden paving, thereby reducing the amount of green space, your lawn will probably be the biggest shape you see when you look out of any rear-facing window. Only garden fencing comes close as such a dominant feature.

As such, your lawn’s strength and quality have a huge influence on the appearance of the entire garden. A lush, healthy surface sets the right tone, while a patchy, bumpy look detracts from all your effort.

Remember, any lawn at your Romsey home doesn’t have to be a rectangle. You can opt for a circle, oval, square or oblong too, to name just a few. In the front garden, our landscaping company can even combine laying a lawn with a new driveway.

Once laid, you can rely on our garden maintenance expertise to keep your greenery looking its best year-round.

Plan Your Planting

All successful gardens start with a detailed plan. While this is important for hardscaped features like garden paving and patios, it’s especially key for your planting schemes. There’s no singular approach to creating stunning areas of softscaping. However, a general rule of thumb is to start with larger structural plants that you then infill with those that flower in bursts of colour.

A good way to visualise this is using evergreen shrubs at the end of each border, and then as punctuation points here and there in the interior. The bigger the area you need to fill, the larger your structural plants can be.

Getting this structural aspect right is as important to the appearance of your outside space as other foundational elements like garden fencing or a new driveway. When infilling the spaces between the structural plants, our landscaping company advises a limit of five or six species. We then arrange these in repeated patterns for a harmonious, coordinated effect.

Beautiful Garden Paving

When left in our expert hands, the landscaped garden at your Romsey home will have the perfect balance of softscaping and hardscaping. Our garden maintenance services then retain this for many years to come. The way in which these two types of landscaping play off against one another will depend on your project’s specific variables. For example, the size of your garden, your preferred materials and textures, your taste in plants.

From a new driveway to a patio, the colour and style of your paving, and the way in which our landscaping company lays it, provides a bold design direction for your whole space.

If you lay white or grey stone in a random pattern, you’re creating the foundations for a French country look. For an English country aesthetic, consider gold stone in a mixed pattern. Conversely, silver or black garden paving organised in a regular design creates the ideal backdrop for a sleek, modern space. Your choice of paving will then influence what garden fencing works best too.

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